New Oriental Sets Up Global Study Tour and Camp Education Section

On October 13, Beijing-based private education firm New Oriental issued a notice stating that it would cancel K9-related business sections such as Pop Kids and U-Can Secondary School sections. A youth section will be set for the K9 study stage (including preschool), and will mainly be responsible for non-disciplinary education and training, as well as disciplinary non-training business (such as learning machines and others).

According to the actual situation of the school location, a high school section (including high school class business and high school one-to-one business) can be set up, which faces the high school stage and is mainly responsible for subject training business.

In addition, each school of New Oriental needs to set up a Global Study Tour and Camp Education section, which is for the whole school period.

Global study tours and camp education have always been routine programs in high-end private schools. By visiting outstanding foreign schools and experiencing life through short-term study, global study tour allows students to understand and gain knowledge from foreign schools so as to improve their overall educational quality.

Camp education provides a means of improving personal life abilities and promoting teamwork through outdoor activities, which can help students achieve creativity, entertainment and educational significance.

Based on the adjustment of the above organizational structure, each training school of New Oriental retains two or three standardized business sections in principle, namely: Youth Section, Global Study Tour and Camp Education Section and High School Section.

Source: Pandaily

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