Norway: BYD Delivers 1,000 Tang EVs

On Wednesday, BYD announced that it had delivered its 1000th Tang EV in Norway. According to plan, 1,500 Tang EVs are scheduled to be sent to Norway. All vehicles have arrived in Norway and will be delivered to local consumers soon.

Shu Youxing, General Manager of BYD’s European branch, commented on the deliveries, “The Tang EV is BYD’s first new energy passenger car launched in Norway, and is also a critical move for BYD to expand in overseas passenger car markets. We care about user feedback and will strive to do even better than their expectations.”

Frank Dunvold, CEO of RSA, said, “The Tang EV received many orders just a few months after its release in Norway. We expect a significant growth in sales volume in 2022. Norwegian consumers have a strong awareness of environmental protection. The pure electric zero-emission Tang EV meets the environmental protection needs of the country while excelling in comfort, driveability and practicality.”

Tang EV’s success in Norway benefits from BYD’s 26-year research and development of batteries. The blade battery features high safety standards, a long life and excellent endurance. It takes only 4.6 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100km/h, and the endurance range of NEDC exceeds 500 kilometers. The Tang EV is especially suitable for users driving in mountainous areas and extremely cold weather.

Source: Pandaily

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