NIU Technologies reveals Global Strategy and Product Launch to target the urban micromobility segment in the United States, Europe, and China

NIU Technologies, the world’s leading provider of smart urban mobility solutions, announced today the launch of five new electric urban mobility vehicles for China and global markets at NIU’s annual product launch. The company’s CEO Dr. Yan Li introduced four new electric scooters for China, and the company’s first ever electric kick scooter. The NIU KICK SCOOTER will be available to customers this summer in the United States and Europe.


The NIU KICK SCOOTER is designed to further penetrate the urban mobility space by offering the best-in-class micromobility solution for customers in cities across the United States and Europe. Having already opened the European and US markets to electric mopeds, NIU is adding the kick scooter to its micro mobility portfolio to help solve the 1 to 3 mile (1-5km) commuting needs of urban citizens. NIU has also established a “Last Mile” mobility R&D team to focus on creating new micromobility vehicles for global markets. All of NIU’s vehicles are app-connected and powered by the latest lithium-ion battery technology.

“We believe we have created the most comfortable electric kick scooter riding experience for under $1000, and of course we wanted to provide a superior ride performance too”, says Dr. Yan Li, CEO of NIU Technologies. The comfort is found in the details of NIU KICK SCOOTER’s more robust frame, handlebars and stem, and the 9.5″x 2.5″ wide pneumatic tires to create a smooth gliding experience.

The NIU KICK SCOOTER will start at $599 USD (€599 in Europe) with two versions — the Pro and Sport models. For the United States models, the Pro has a top speed of 19.8mph and the Sport a top speed of 17.4mph. In Europe both versions will have a regulated top speed of 25km/h. The NIU KICK SCOOTER Pro has a range of 31 miles (50km) on a single 6-hour charge, and the NIU KICK SCOOTER Sport will have a range of 25 miles (40km) on a single 5-hour charge.

The NIU KICK SCOOTER will be available for an online pre-sale starting in June 2021 with delivery in the USA and Europe in July 2021. Global retail sales will begin in August 2021 and the NIU KICK SCOOTER can be purchased online or in any of NIU’s 1,000+ dealers and flagship stores in Europe and North America.

“Part of our vision is to redefine urban mobility, and adding kick scooters to our lineup is our commitment to our customers and fans around the world to provide them with affordable mobility solutions that they can be proud of owning and also rely on for their daily commute”, commented Dr. Yan Li.

The NIU KICK SCOOTER Pro will be connected via an app and powered by a 350W motor and 486Wh lithium-ion battery pack while the NIU KICK SCOOTER Sport will be powered by a 300W motor and 365Wh lithium-ion battery pack. The NIU KICK SCOOTER is IP54 water resistant making it perfect for all-weather riding conditions.

Conveniently, the E-SAVE mode and regenerative braking technology will boost the riding range for extended weekly commuting. The foldable design combined with the robust suspension and frame sets it apart from the current offerings in the market. The NIU KICK SCOOTER will offer a more comfortable riding experience in the micro mobility space, and cater to multiple short journeys, and longer commutes.

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