Dada Group’s Dada Now Attracted New Users By 30% Through Expanding Partnership with WeChat Search

Dada Group, China’s leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, is pleased to announce that Dada Now, its on-demand delivery platform, has established cooperative partnership with WeChat Search to further extend the potential users in WeChat ecosystem.

WeChat has a broader user base in China with over 500 million monthly active users. Based on the users’ high stickiness to WeChat ecosystem and the improved search functions, more and more users prefer to gain the service they need through WeChat Search. According to the data of WeChat Search, delivery-related keywords are most frequently searched by users.

As China’s leading on-demand delivery platform, Dada Now partners with WeChat Search to tap the user potential in the WeChat ecosystem. With the support of WeChat Search in terms of promotion, products and operations, Dada Now has achieved efficient growth in branding and user ordering in the WeChat ecosystem.

The search volume of Dada Now in the official brand portal rose over 100%

The search volume of Dada Now in the official brand portal increased by more than 100%, and the related-search volume in the WeChat ecosystem increased by 250%. At the same time, WeChat Mini Program has become the top performer in attracting new users among all channels. Through the cooperation with WeChat Search, the number of new users who place orders on Dada’s WeChat Mini Program increased by 30%.

When users search for keywords such as “Dada” and “Dada Now” on WeChat Search, the platform will lead them to the official brand portal. In the portal, “Express Send” and “Express Check” directly meet the users’ needs, attract customers through coupons. When users search keywords such as “Run Errands” and “Intra-City Delivery”, the results will be customized based on the search habits of the user.
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