Alibaba’s Intelligent Information Business Group Establishes Quark Division

According to a 36Kr report today, Alibaba’s Intelligent Information Business Group upgraded its organizational structure by setting up a distinct division within the company for its Quark app.

In April this year, Alibaba established an intelligent information business group on the basis of the original innovative business group, including UC browser, Quark, Shuqi Novel and other core products, mainly focusing on intelligent innovation in line with information services.

Among them, Quark is an intelligent search app that was hatched within this business group. The app currently has tens of millions of users at present. Since the beginning of this year, Quark has upgraded its intelligent tools such as personal cloud service, AI service for college entrance examinations, and AI camera.

Wu Jia, President of the Intelligent Information Business Group, said, “Quark has entered a new stage and is moving away from an easy-to-use search app to an intelligent assistant for personal study, life and work.”

In the past two years, Baidu, Tencent, ByteDance and other tech giants have laid out search products one after another. The news attracted much attention is that Tencent recently acquired search giant Sogou.

Source: Pandaily

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