Alibaba Cloud Releases Operating System ‘Anolis’ for the First Time, Plans to Invest Over $300 Million in OS

On Wednesday, at Alibaba Cloud’s Apsara Conference – an annual gathering of developers – the cloud computing company released its operating system, ‘Anolis OS’, and announced its open source.

The Anolis OS is targeted at the server market and supports various hardware architectures and computing scenarios such as x86 and ARM.

Alibaba Cloud said that it has made multiple optimizations specially targeted at the development of cloud-native applications, namely programs that are designed for a cloud computing architecture. The comprehensive performance of typical scenarios using the cloud computing technology can be improved by 40%, while the failure rate can be reduced by 50%. It is also compatible with CentOS ecosystem, supports one-click migration, and provides full-stack domestic commercial cipher codes.

Anolis OS is also completely open source, providing services through open source communities and operating system manufacturers, with technical support for at least 10 years.

In the future, Alibaba Cloud plans to invest 2 billion yuan ($312.9 million) in special funds for the Anolis OS, and jointly promote ecosystem construction along with 100 ecological partners.

In fact, the operating system is nothing new, but now it has been publicly announced for the first time. It has been developed within Alibaba for 10 years, effectively supporting Tmall Double 11 shopping festival activities over the years, that is, the large-scale promotion activities across the whole industry on November 11 every year, so the performance and stability of the system have withstood severe tests.

In addition, the operating system laboratory of Alibaba DAMO Academy was announced at the conference. It will focus on the R&D and promotion of operating systems in the future.

Source: Pandaily

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