Baidu’s Automobile Manufacturing Arm JiDU Unveils Logo for Robot Car

On Tuesday, Baidu’s automobile division, JiDU Auto, officially unveiled the logo for its robot car, marking the beginning of a new identity for the brand. The logo is also the visual design of the JiDU brand, which is inspired by the robot car and combines the concept of “Pixel” with the letter “J”, meaning “Pixel-J “, according to the company.

JiDU is an automobile startup initiated by Baidu and Geely. Founded in March 2021, with Xia Yiping as CEO, JiDU is committed to building revolutionary automobile robots with emotion and wisdom.

The first automobile robot of JiDU will feature three major functions. First, the automobile robot has L4-level automated driving capabilities. Second, better voice recognition allows the vehicle to understand users’ emotions and respond to users’ needs in real time. Third, the vehicle is able to optimize itself according to usage habits.

At the Baidu Create developer conference on December 27, 2021, the company’s founder, chairman and CEO, Robin Li, said that JiDU will unveil its first concept robot car in the first half of 2022, with mass production and delivery starting in 2023.

Source: Pandaily

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