Ant Group’s Sesame Enterprise Credit Launches Country’s First SME Credit Platform

Sesame Enterprise Credit, a subsidiary of Ant Group, launched the first credit platform for small and medium-sized enterprises in China on Thursday, and immediately saw a handful of SMEs sign up to become the first batch of settlers on the platform.

Through this platform, small and medium-sized business owners can check publicly available information of an enterprise regarding its industrial, financial, and legal standings. Businesses are also able to complete their own information and credit management.

The credit platform has reached agreements with many data service providers such as taxation, invoicing, social security and social welfare.

Small and medium-sized business owners only need to open their Alipay App and enter Sesame Credit. Once inside the APP, they can register on the platform, claim their enterprise, and quickly collect any available information released through various government departments.

China Justice Big Data Research Institute has also reached an agreement with Sesame Credit. The institute will build the first authoritative “judicial service zone” in China through the credit platform to address the issues of unstable sources, lack of content and delayed information encountered by enterprises when inquiring upon past public judicial case information.

Source: Pandaily

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