Yum China’s KFC brand is tapping into regional Chinese cuisines for further market penetration

To penetrate Chinese market, KFC brand of Yum China Holdings is increasingly tapping into regional Chinese cuisines and adding traditional local dishes to its menu.

Last year, KFC launched 12 regionally inspired menu items across day parts and introduced regional menu items for the first time to meet the diversified needs of Chinese consumers.

Over 1M bowls of hot dry noodles were sold within a first week of launc in September 2021 nationwide, becoming KFC’s best performing LTO breakfast item in the past three years.

“China prides itself on having rich and diverse food scenes. Almost every city has its own food specialties, particularly when it comes to breakfast,” said Joey Wat, CEO of Yum China. “Launching regional menu items is part of our strategy to relentlessly pursue food innovation, which helps us respond to fast-changing consumer demands and keep up with the latest trends.”

Author: Niloofer Shaikh, Seeking Alpha

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