Yum China opens Digital R&D Center with three sites for implementing digital strategy

Yum China (YUMC -0.3%) announced the opening of its Digital R&D Center with three sites in Shanghai, Nanjing, and Xi’an.

The Digital R&D Center will consolidate and expand dedicated resources to develop new solutions and services using technologies in big data, AI, middle office and digital SaaS to drive end-to-end digitalization.

With the establishment of the Digital R&D Center, the company will have more dedicated resources in its restaurant operations for building digital infrastructure.

Yum China has earmarked $1-1.5B of investment over the next five years in digital and technology; under this initiative, the company plans to invest ~$100-$200M and to employ up to 500 staff in the center.

Author: Khyathi Dalal, Seeking Alpha

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