Transformation! Beijing New Oriental School established quality education growth center

Beijing New Oriental announced the establishment of Beijing New Oriental Quality Education Growth Center, which consists of six sections: Art Creation College, Humanities Development College, Language Business Literacy College, Natural Science and Technology Innovation Space Station, Smart Sports Training Center, and Quality Parent Wisdom Center.

Beijing New Oriental Quality Education Growth Center will focus on the development requirements of the five education goals of students’ morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor, and is committed to creating a high-quality one-stop modern quality education complex, cultivating children’s diversified abilities, and shaping good teenagers with all-round development.

The New Oriental Art Creation Academy includes children’s creative arts and children’s hard pen calligraphy courses. Through interesting curriculum design and good teacher-student interaction, children’s art skills, aesthetic abilities, creativity and imagination are cultivated, so that children can acquire professional skills and skills through art. Happiness, improve self-cultivation, cultivate sentiment, exercise hand-brain coordination, and increase knowledge in all aspects.

The New Oriental Natural Science and Innovation Space Station includes STEAM maker, children’s robots, children’s programming, and nature exploration courses. It will start from solving practical problems and guide children to practice, so that children can invent and create on the basis of understanding the world, and realize interdisciplinary Expansion and utilization of knowledge.

At the same time, through courses such as robotics, programming, STEAM maker, etc., children’s engineering thinking and innovation ability will be cultivated, and the core qualities of students such as innovative thinking, hands-on practice, scientific inquiry, and teamwork will be improved.

The teachers will also lead the children to visit nature together, learn various ecological and scientific knowledge in nature, learn about the world we live in from a different perspective, expand their horizons and cultivate children’s innovative thinking.

New Oriental Language Business Literacy Institute includes eloquence and expression, and PBL courses. Teachers will focus on cultivating children’s eloquence and expression skills, positively motivating each child to say what he thinks boldly, so that children can find happiness in self-confidence, and cultivate children’s ability to actively interact with others.

In addition, teachers will guide children to actively explore and think through designing some realistic hot topics, and cultivate their critical thinking, language quotient literacy, question inquiry, knowledge search and summarization and other core abilities.

The New Oriental Mental Sports Training Hall includes chess and mathematical logic inference game courses. Among them, the chess classroom will exercise children’s observation skills, improve the logic and rigor of thinking, and will guide children to face wins and losses calmly, so that children can adjust their mentality and bear the results on the road of growth.

New Oriental Quality Parent Wisdom Hall will provide parents with multi-dimensional knowledge content including family education, parenting methods, multi-business management, time allocation, and efficient learning. By providing various family education lectures or courses, it helps parents to master scientific parenting methods, such as how to guide children to allocate time efficiently, how to combine work and rest, and how to control emotions.

Source: QQ

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