Eight Chinese Logistics and Mobility Platforms Undergo Regulatory Scrutiny

An office within the Beijing Transportation Department on Thursday summoned four logistics-based digital platform companies, namely Full Truck Alliance, Huolala, DiDi Freight and Kuaigou Dache, and scheduled a meeting with four online ride-hailing platform companies including DiDi, Caocao Mobility, T3 Chuxing and Meituan Chuxing.

During the meeting, regulators pointed out that recently, truck drivers have repeatedly reported problems such as pricing rules being arbitrarily adjusted by platforms, increasing membership fees, vicious low-price competition and overloading. These problems were suspected of infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of employees, causing dissatisfaction among truck drivers and widespread societal concern.

The regulatory authorities required that all platform companies should conscientiously implement the responsibilities and immediately carry out rectification measures.

In response to the meeting, Full Truck Alliance assured that it would fully communicate with its truck drivers, optimize products and services, and protect employees’ legitimate rights and interests. Kuaigou Dache also responded that it will effectively protect the rights and interests of drivers, comprehensively optimize service strategies and maintain the healthy and sustainable development of the freight industry.

Source: Pandaily

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