Chinese online ride-hailing platforms with serious violations could be ordered to suspend regional service and banned off from internet: joint notice

China will strengthen oversight on the online ride-hailing industry to regulate its development, according to a joint notice issued by eight departments, including the Ministry of Transport.

Platforms that have incurred in serious violations and refuse to rectify their actions could be ordered to suspend regional operating service or block their apps after city regulators reported the situation to higher levels and organized a joint supervision. They may also be ordered to stop providing their service and could be banned from the internet, among a series of penalties.

Meanwhile, eight illegal activities will be listed in joint supervision work, including undermining internet and data security, infringing users’ personal information, endangering public interest, disrupting social order, impacting social safety and stability, infringing labor rights of platforms’ drivers as well as not paying taxes according to the law.

Local relevant departments are also required to strictly control entrance to the industry, urging ride-hailing companies not to allow drivers and vehicles who have not yet acquired the required licenses to operate at their platforms.

Source: Global Times

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