Xpeng Responds to Recent Accident, Says the NGP Functioning Normally

In response to the recent high-speed rear-end collision of the owner involving one of the company’s P7 models, Xpeng responded that the NGP intelligent navigation assisted driving system appears to be functioning normally and that the owner has since withdrawn his complaint.

Earlier, a Xpeng P7 owner rear-ended a large truck in front of him while driving at high speed. When the accident happened, the owner had turned on the NGP intelligent navigation assistance driving system.

Xpeng said that before the collision, the front car identification and vehicle control functions were normal. Before impact, the system triggered the safety belt vibration reminder, vehicle warning, and automatic emergency braking and other passive safety functions. The system, in other words, worked as it should have in the given circumstances.

The vehicle owner recognized the “Road Traffic Accident Liability Confirmation” issued by relevant departments and the analysis results of the driving data.

According to the company’s outbound call system, the customer service staff failed to contact the owner after the accident. They then received a call from the driver and instructed the him to call the police and take photos of the scene, the company said.

At the same time, Xpeng said that it would take into consideration the seemingly inhumane response from its customer service department and seek to improve the customer experience in any later instances.

Source: Pandaily

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