NIO Inc. Completes 700 Battery Swap Stations, Accomplishing 2021 Target Ahead of Schedule

Shanghai-based automobile manufacturer NIO Inc. announced on Friday that the company has completed the construction of 700 battery swap stations. Compared with last year, the number of such stations has increased nearly 10 times, and its 2021 target for battery swap stations was achieved ahead of schedule.

NIO said that since the first second-generation battery swap station was put into operation on April 15 of this year, 500 more such stations have been put into operation in the following 239 days, with an average of two battery swap stations completed every day. The number constructed this year is 10 times that of last year. At present, there are 203 NIO first-generation battery swap stations and 497 second-generation stations, with an average daily service frequency of over 20,000 times and a daily service capacity of up to 176,000 battery swaps.

Today, NIO battery swap stations cover 31 provincial administrative regions and 171 cities in China. In 2021, 97 new cities have battery swap stations. According to statistics released by NIO, users who have used the service have swapped batteries more than 900 times. The users who have checked in the most battery swap stations have been to 113 stations, and 56 users have chosen to swap batteries without charging then since they got their cars.

In addition, NIO announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with Royal Dutch Shell. According to the agreement, the two companies will jointly promote the construction and operation of battery swapping facilities.

The agreement also shows that NIO and Shell plan to install 100 battery swap stations in China by 2025 and to operate pilot stations in Europe starting in 2022. Shell’s charging network in Europe will also be available to NIO users.

According to public information, Shanghai NIO Automobile Co. Ltd. was established on May 7, 2015, with Qin Lihong as its legal representative and a registered capital of $3 billion. Its business scope includes development and services of new energy vehicles and related auto parts.

Source: Pandaily

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