Xpeng Motors Reforms Sales Method, Targeting Monthly Delivery Goal of 15,000 Vehicles

According to Sina Tech, Xpeng Motors has recently changed its previous sales method. As part of the adjustment, the company decided to shift the in-store sharing of sales leads to regional sharing, aiming to promote more transactions and targeting a monthly delivery goal of 15,000 vehicles, as proposed by He Xiaopeng, Chairman of the company. Regarding this news, Xpeng Motors refused to comment.

The regional sharing of sales leads can make different sales leads flow more frequently in more stores in a certain region, thus generating more contacts with potential consumers and tapping more sales opportunities. According to a Xpeng store salesman, expanding the scope of sales leads sharing generally makes little difference to consumers, as long as every follow-up salesperson updates information in time.

“Starting from October, the sales leads of many stores can be shared with other stores in one region. For example, a user may go to a store in Chaoyang District, Beijing, to see a car. As long as he leaves contact information, the stores in Fengtai [another district in Beijing] can also contact the same user. This was impossible in the past.” A store salesman said that around the time when the Xpeng P5 started to sell in offline stores, the company began to reform its sales methods internally and expanded the sharing scope of sales leads.

The advantage of this move is that Xpeng Motors’ sales leads can be transferred to more stores in one region more frequently, thus tapping more sales opportunities. However, it also causes troubles to some potential consumers. “I had visited a store last week, but I didn’t expect someone from another store to invite me to test drive a few days later. Not long after, the first store I had visited called me again and said that I could go for a test drive, which makes me confused,” a person who once went to the store to try out the Xpeng P7 said.

He Xiaopeng said during the telephone conference for the second quarter financial report that the company plans to achieve the goal of delivering 15,000 vehicles per month by the end of 2021. On November 1, Xpeng Motors released delivery data for October 2021: The total delivery volume in the month was 10,138, a year-on-year increase of 233%, and the deliveries exceeded 10,000 for two consecutive months.

He Xiaopeng predicts that an “iPhone 4” will appear in the industry of smart cars from 2023 to 2024, that is, a product with excellent intelligence, safety and battery life. The short-term goal of Xpeng Motors is to “gain a firm foothold,” with annual sales reaching 100 billion yuan ($15.63 billion).

Source: Pandaily

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