Lou Jiwei: Household Debt Near 50pc

iFeng: 楼继伟:中国家庭杠杆率已经升至接近50%

Social Security Fund Council Chairman Lou Jiwei April 21 at the annual meeting of the Finance said that China’s family leverage has risen to close to 50%, the deleveraging process should not be too fast, some local government debt has been default The Chinese economy will continue to grow, and the Chinese economy’s Lewis inflection point has not yet arrived. With the change of the population, the Chinese economy will follow the L-shaped growth trajectory in the long run, and the Chinese economy will follow the L-shaped growth trajectory. The

Chinese government debt ratio to consider non-standard PPP projects and government guidance funds.

When the Fed starts to reduce its balance sheet, the global financial system will face a real stress test.

Author: 罗臻 http://www.investinginchinesestocks.blogspot.com

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